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Posters have been used to promote movies since the late 1800s. Movie posters can be an excellent lesson in visual marketing and a source of marketing inspiration.

Overall, movie posters share the same core elements as other promotional posters: headlines, photos, illustration, text, and art. Above all, they aim to grab attention, sell a story, and to entice the observer to learn and/or discover more.

Here are a few popular marketing techniques we can replicate from successful movie posters:

» Choose eye-catching imagery to grab the attention of passers-by and encourage them to learn more.

» Simplicity sells. Posters are created for an audience on the move, so keep the design simple with short headlines and text that are easy to read. Offer additional details via a URL or QR code.

» Create a universally memorable design that will look good on a poster as well as your website and flyers.

» Repetition is key. By creating a series of posters to promote new offers, your audience will anticipate updates and look for your advertising messages.

» Don’t forget to use company branding elements, including your logo, tagline, brand colors, etc.