Statement stuffers are an easy way to get more bang for your buck on every mailing! Here are a few ideas to boost sales and awareness with statement stuffers:

» Design reorder reminders as statement stuffers and you can include them in existing mailings, such as a customer’s billing statement.

» Highlight a different product or service every month to educate customers about unique products or services they may not be aware of.

» When enclosing coupons as statement stuffers, consider applying a label to the outside of your envelope, such as “$X coupon savings inside!”

» Provide information about a customer-loyalty or customer-referral program.

» Use statement stuffers to introduce new employees or as an employee spotlight on existing staff.

» Create a statement stuffer to promote your social networks and website.

» Design a stuffer as a thank-you message with an exclusive coupon or promotion that shows customers how much you appreciate their business.

» Announce upcoming sales, open houses, holiday events, or corporate anniversary celebrations.

» Increase your marketing real estate by using both sides of the statement stuffer or consider a fold-over stuffer.