Flyers are a powerful marketing tool to educate and inform, announce new products or services, and increase sales for your business. Here are a few tips to consider when creating your next flyer:

» Always print flyers in full color. Not only do they grab more attention, but they look more professional.

» Keep the design simple. Address a few main products or points, and refer readers to your website for details and more information.

» Don’t forget your contact information including website, email, phone number, address, and social media.

» Increase credibility by including customer testimonials on your flyers, as well as other marketing materials.

» Include an impressive discount or coupon whenever possible, especially if this is a first impression or you are promoting a new product or business.

» Create flyers that cross-sell or upsell your products to increase revenue by bundling items together or suggesting complementary items.

» Distribute flyers with every purchase, hand out at trade shows and other events, and include flyers with every mailing that leaves your office, such as bills, information requests, and marketing campaigns, etc.

If you’d like ideas for the perfect flyer to help boost sales, give us a call today!