Promote Your Products with Posters: The Timeless Marketing Tool

Promote Your Products with Posters: The Timeless Marketing Tool

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Posters have been used to promote movies since the late 1800s. Movie posters can be an excellent lesson in visual marketing and a source of marketing inspiration.

Overall, movie posters share the same core elements as other promotional posters: headlines, photos, illustration, text, and art. Above all, they aim to grab attention, sell a story, and to entice the observer to learn and/or discover more.

Here are a few popular marketing techniques we can replicate from successful movie posters:

» Choose eye-catching imagery to grab the attention of passers-by and encourage them to learn more.

» Simplicity sells. Posters are created for an audience on the move, so keep the design simple with short headlines and text that are easy to read. Offer additional details via a URL or QR code.

» Create a universally memorable design that will look good on a poster as well as your website and flyers.

» Repetition is key. By creating a series of posters to promote new offers, your audience will anticipate updates and look for your advertising messages.

» Don’t forget to use company branding elements, including your logo, tagline, brand colors, etc.

Marketing that hangs around Benefits of Door-Hangers

Marketing that hangs around Benefits of Door-Hangers

Here are a few tips to ensure the biggest bang for your door-hanger buck:

» Even if you miss the opportunity to visit personally with your prospects, “sorry we missed you” door hangers can be a great way to leave a message.

» Increase the life of your door hanger by affixing a magnet to the back, include a calendar, or highlight useful industry tips.

» Use save-the-date door hangers to promote an upcoming local event.

» Design your door hanger with a tear-away coupon or tear-away customer-loyalty card as an incentive for them to visit your business.

» Create a “we’re new to the neighborhood” door hanger to let area residents and businesses know you are new in the area and encourage them to stop by.

» Focus only on neighborhoods with the best potential for returns. For example, lawn care discount coupons wouldn’t be a big seller in a neighborhood full of apartments.

» Consider door-hanger payment envelopes for service industries (such as utilities, landscaping, or roofers). They also make handy rent envelopes, or can even be used as donation envelopes for nonprofit organizations, fundraisers, or other local charities.

Express Authentic Gratitude

Express Authentic Gratitude

Marketing Your Thanks

Do you remember the last time you received a heartfelt thank-you for a recent purchase?

Appreciation marketing (including thank-you cards with a handwritten note) can be a powerful yet often overlooked building block in strengthening customer relationships. Here are a few additional ways to show appreciation to your customers:

» Affix thank-you labels and seals to envelopes, invoices, or packages.

» Send coupons or vouchers for a free upgrade, surprise gift, or bonus item “just because” to thank customers for their business.

» Create a wall of gratitude on your website, Facebook page, or blog that highlights the people and companies that have helped your business become what it is today.

» Start a customer-loyalty program, such as a loyalty punch card, upgrade offers, or cash rewards after reaching a specific purchase level.

» Send holiday, birthday, or anniversary cards. These simple, pressure-free greetings will help increase top-of-mind awareness all year long.

» Invite loyal customers to an exclusive appreciation event.

» Teach your customers something new at a hands-on expo or demo. The more customers are educated about your industry, the more they will appreciate it and rely on your business.