Currently, one of the most popular forms of mobile social media, Snapchat, uses pictures and video to make the questions “where are you and what are you doing” obsolete. 

Snapchat lets you send videos and pictures to friends, check out what your favorite celebrities are up to, or use fun face-recognition filters to pass the time. Snaps, if sent individually to certain friends, self-destruct after a few seconds. If they are posted to a special area called "your story", they last for 24 hours.

Geofilters, take "snapping" one step further. They are creative overlays that capture where you are or what you’re up to, no matter the special occasion. Your current location defines what filters are available to you, whether they be specific to a city, a wedding, birthday, meeting or other event you are attending. Depending on the specified building/area and time-frame, anyone with snapchat can swipe over to use the filter.

Let our team at SUN, customize a Geofilter for your special event, whether it be personal or professional, we can design it for your life or business event.