Whether you need to increase privacy, update your office decor or promote an event, our window graphics provide you with an attractive solution to your window signage needs.


Window Film

Whether you use full color graphics or simple etched effect markings, SUN can design, manufacture and fit your window film graphics to both glass doors and windows. Window film provides privacy, branding or can promote a product, service or event. 

Full Color Window Graphics

Many business premises have large glass areas which are obscured by blinds or reflective tinting. Full color window graphics allow you to retain this level of privacy while turning your windows and glass into bright eye-catching advertisements. We can design across multi-panel window and door fronts seamlessly yet still retain an overall brand look or message.


Perforated Window Graphic

Perforated Window Graphics

Most often used on vehicle windows but also available for building windows, perforated vinyl film allows you to see out but restricts vision in. Intricate full color designs can be used to create an attractive addition to your window space whilst giving you one-way vision through the glass or window area.

Typical installations include large glass areas that can be used as advertising space (such as car show rooms) and other glass paneled buildings. One way vision film can be manufactured and fitted very quickly which means it can be the perfect solution when you need to temporarily obscure an area of a premises for an event or to coincide with new sales promotion.

Vinyl Letterering

Vinyl Lettering

Typically, vinyl graphics are produced by feeding solid colored pressure sensitive vinyl with adhesive on one side through an electronic plotter that uses a blade to cut along computer designed paths. The negative spaces are “weeded” away, leaving perfectly smooth, contour cut text and images that can be applied to many different surfaces. Full color images can be produced by printing them on a large inkjet printer and then laminated with a clear protective layer to provide longevity.

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